January 31, 2011

my crafty weekend

This weekend was just one of those weekends.  Someone at work so generously gave me their old sewing machine (since I broke mine - or really my mom's), I had lots of cute fabric I have been storing up, I cleaned out my craft room and found a ton more yarn and old, unfinished projects.  It was just all so fresh and inspiring.  I had to answer the call to craft.  I was quite productive too.

I finished some hat orders - minus the cute flower pins.

Sewed some addicting therapeutic heat pads.  Seriously, I am addicted.  I am using one right now.  I have a tutorial on how to make them here.

I make mine out of flannel and that super soft baby blanket material.  I ran out of flax seeds before I could fill these.  I think I may put some on etsy soon since I have no hats on there right now.  I am working on all custom orders.  No time to stock up.

I also finished knitting my blanket - it has officially taken me a year.

It is just a simple knit, purl, knit, purl... pattern.  I love it because this simple pattern for blankets because then it is the same on both sides.

I also went ahead and sewed a blanket.  I bought this fabric awhile ago and have been waiting to make a blanket out of it.  I think it would make an adorable baby blanket.  But since I don't have one of those - it is all for me.

It is similar to my luxurious towel blanket only much softer and little larger.  You can get the towel blanket tutorial here.

How cute so these look together!

After I was finished with all these random projects I realized how well they fit together and what a perfect gift set they would make.

They would be great for mother's day, a birthday or even a new mom.  A blanket for baby, a blanket for mommy, and a nice relaxing heat pad for mommy too.  Oh it would also be nice for someone having surgery.  Now that is a nice recovery package.

Okay, true story.  Since starting this post over lunch I have come down with a bug.  I feel terrible and looking at the screen is excruciating but I have to quickly post this and say that the above package has come in quite handy tonight.  It is the ultimate package for a sick, cold, achy body.  



Anonymous said...

Love the 2 blankets and warming pad! Beautiful soothing colors!!

What kind of yarn do you use for hats? I heard Hobby Lobbys I Love this Yarn brand is good,, but I have never tried it.

Unknown said...

I have yet to try Hobby Lobby's I Love this Yarn. I typically use Tahki Cotton by Stacy Charles for my baby knits. I can't exactly remember what I used for the blanket. I either buy my yarn from a small yarn shop in town or yarnmakert.com.

Aimee said...

Love those two blankets! Great job crafting!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Jessica,

You poor love. I hate it when looking at the screen makes my head sore. I hope you Mister looks after you and makes you put your feet up and rest.

LOVE your blanket set - especially the gorgeous white fabric.


Allison said...

Yay for finishing your knitted blanket - it looks so good! (and nice and warm, too)

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