January 20, 2011


I had to say goodbye to my all-time favorite blouse the other day.  It absolutely broke my heart - I almost cried.  And it was all my fault.  Mine and the stupid bleach.  Grrr.

Even though it is ruined beyond repair I cannot part with it.  I try and throw it away and then I always find myself digging it back out of the trash.  Don't worry, not my nasty kitchen/bathroom trash just my bedroom, throw away the clothes label trash.  All good.  

After pushing repeat several types on that cycle it finally dawned on me.  One shirt that is damaged as a shirt would be perfect for making flower pins.  Hello my new, old shirt!  Yay!

So I took scissors to her and removed each of those cute, ruffly ruffles.

Only I did throw away that one ruffle with the nasty bleach stain. 

So after taking my needle and thread to them, I turned them into this.

And my dear shirt looks like this now.

But after some ironing it too will become various flowers.  Silk flowers.  Soft, delicate flowers.

And this soft, delicate flower is the perfect compliment to a not so soft or delicate hat I knit for my husband's boss.  She is due with her first child soon and they chose not to find out the sex of the baby.  I love when people want it to be surprise.  So fun.  Except for the fact that I had the challenge of making a cute, unisex, Notre Dame inspired hat.  You see, Brooke is Notre Dame fan and my husband requested, well, this hat.

It's great for a little baby boy Notre Dame fan but what if surprise baby is a girl?
Is it possible to turn this hat into something soft and feminine?
I think so.....

 P.S. Sorry these are grainy.  I took them late at night in poor lighting and then tried editing them quickly so I could wrap the hat up for him to bring to work this morning.  He forgot it but that's to be expected.

I think the flower helps.  I can just picture the little sweet bambino in her (oh yes I am guessing girl because I like the flower pin) all cuddled up in her parent's arms as they cheer on their favorite team.  

I hope they enjoy the hat.

I am just glad that I salvaged my favorite top.  Time to make more flowers.


Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Love that you couldn't throw that blouse away and used it for flowers! I've been known to get attached to clothing as well, sometimes not even sure why I'm saving some out of style sweater or dress... That said, I'll admit that I have a little summery j crew dress that is about 16 years old, haven't worn it in 10 or 11 years but can't seem to put it in the goodwill box!

And that flower really makes the hat ;)


Muddaritaville said...

Love your flowers :), sorry about your blouse :(

Hugs to the pups!


Allison said...

Adorable!! and, when I saw the picture of the ruined shirt (without reading first), I totally thought 'Oh, she should make flowers out of it!'

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