January 24, 2011

love at first sight - Dash and Albert

Dash and Albert

I've recently started my search for a new living room area rug.  We bought our current rug when we first moved into the house almost three years ago.  It is a $150 rug from Homegoods.  It has served us well but hasn't offered much style.  But the real problem has been our anxious pup Hudson and his pee pee issues.  We are making progress with that but unfortunately our rug hasn't been able to recover.  Through both pups we made a habit of having the rug professionally cleaned several times a year but that was for a cost of almost $100 each time.  We have definitely invested more than the rug is worth and I just don't feel like doing that again - especially since the rug isn't that pretty.


However, we are definitely being more careful with our money lately but I want to save up for a real, quality rug that can follow us through other homes and other dogs.  And that is where Dash and Albert had me at hello.  Not only do they include dogs in almost all their pictures but

Dash and Albert

they are cotton rugs that are easy to clean and maintain, without having them professionally cleaned.  That is extremely important when I think of the turmoil our future rug will have to endure.  Big dogs, my husband,  and our future children.  Our house has to be practical and livable.  

So I have my eye on these babies to brighten up our room and give it more interest.

Oh and to make it interesting two wool rugs did catch my eye too.

And once Bran had approved my desire to save up for one of these bad boys (which I think is quite reasonable for an area rug but I must save none the less) I fell in love with the carpet bags.  I NEED one of these ASAP.  Hello birthday coming up in a week. hint hint family.

Oh and then I saw that they had cotton throws.

These seemed perfect for laying around on the couch or even throwing on the ground for a picnic or playtime.  Ahhhhh.....so fresh, easy and beautiful.  I love how carefree their products seem.  I also love that they sell in stores nearby.  No shipping fee!

Oh and also, I really would love to have hooks of blankets like that.  How welcoming and hospitable.  Oh and to have just rolls of rugs laying around.  I really like the look of that in a room.  A nice basket filled with various rolled rugs.  Not only does that add so much interest and color to a room but how convenient to have that many options and the flexibility to easily change the look of a room.  You could have one for each season.  

And lastly, I am also adding two runners to my savings list.  We have wooden stairs that the pups (and our socked feet) have a hard time going up and down.  Plus our staircase is also terribly boring.
I was prepping myself for the idea of a paint job but a runner would be extremely helpful!

My head is spinning!  Thank you Dash and Albert.

Oh and I guess I need to say that Dash and Albert didn't give me anything for this praise - I just stumbled upon their site and fell in love.  So I am sharing my inspiration with you.  My thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone!  Hah - that's kind of fun to say.  Not to say I wouldn't accept anything. Is that legal?

Well thanks for stopping by! 


Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

I too love Dash and Albert... much to my surprise I found out that CSN carries them and although the prices are the same as the actual Dash and Albert website, quite frequently CSN offers free shipping! I have two small ones that I LOVE and use at my kitchen sink...two so that I can have one in the wash and not be missing one on the floor :)

There bags are FABULOUS too and I also REALLY, REALLY want one! The two that you pictured, well they're the top two on my bag list...


Anonymous said...

The bags and rugs are so pretty! Post pics when you pic out your rugs!

Those stairs look steep? Where's the handrail?

Unknown said...

I knew there would be lots of other Dash and Albert love out there! Chris, I hope you get your carpet bag!

It's going to be awhile before I actually buy a rug. But I will definitely post pics as soon as that day comes. Lots of saving to do. The picture is old, from before we moved in but right after we refinished the hardwood. We have since added a railing but it still hasn't improved much. And our stairs are very steep! That's an old home for you.

Anonymous said...

There is a store in St.Charles called Stonehouse on Cedar. (Have you been?) They have Dash and Albert rugs that you can check out in person and I believe you are able to take a sample square home to see how it looks. You could call and ask to make sure and or just go to the store, they have really fun things to look at!

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