January 16, 2011

missing in action

I am sorry I have been MIA lately.  This new year has started with a bang and silly me thought it would be a good time to re-design the blog.  Maybe you have noticed?  I did away with the linen and designed my own header.  I am terrible with computers and HTML so I decided to just re-design the header for now and keep it simple.  I downloaded a 30 day trial of Creative Suite 5 by Adobe and have spent every free moment learning how to use the darn program.  I finally made a header that made me smile so up it went and in the trash went my trial.  I'm done wasting my time.  Or so I thought.  Just when I finished the header, my Lightroom program arrived!  For Christmas my in-laws bought me Lightroom.  I am so so excited and I now have been spending every waking moment tinkering around on that.  I haven't played around with too many photos but here are a few I am having fun experimenting on - I have a little project in mind for these too.

What a flashback.  These were some of the photos my sister picked for our wedding slideshow a few years ago and I thought it would be fun to print several different ones and make a photo collage.  I will let you know if it turns out.  Can I also just mention that my lovely sister picked the most embarrassing photos of me and Brandon's family provided the most adorable pictures of him.  I think before I print these I may have to supplement some of my baby pictures.

So sorry I haven't been posting - too many toys to play with.  I'll get back in action now.  Thanks for being patient.

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