January 28, 2011

i'm a slacker

I once was crafty.  I was once was creative.  I once was sentimental.  And I once had time.

Oh I miss those days. 

A bit ago I found this stash of cards, letters and scrapbook items in Brandon's office.  They put a smile on my face because he had saved all the the little things I had made for him.  Which is now making me feel extremely guilty that the moment we were married - I stopped.

And that makes me sad.  I loved creating these items for Bran.

So I am making a resolution to first make something special for VDay for Bran of course!
And once I complete that task, then I am going to get back to creating and crafting and making special items for the ones I love instead of picking up a card at Target. Not that greeting cards are bad, they are just expensive and I LOVE making my own.  I just don't.

I like this little memento I made after Bran and I hiked a mountain in Colorado.  I had intents of making one for every mountain but if you are catching the theme of this post - I didn't.

This stack of sweet sentiments and romantic notes means so much to me.  I love the handwritten notes, post cards and handmade cards all collected together in one box - a journal of sorts of our relationship and love.  Awww.......so cheesy. 

Here's to multiplying this stack by the thousands.

Hope you are motivated to get moving on your own VDay creations.  

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