January 26, 2011

living room change up

When Bran and I first moved into the house we inherited a few pieces from our parents to help hold us over until we could fill it ourselves.  One of the pieces was an old coffee table from my parents.  I remember this table from when I was a little girl.  We would build forts around it or jump off it into a pile of pillows.  But it didn't last long in our home like it did my parent's.  Maybe a month.  Then it was left in the basement to gather dust and random lost items.  Just this past weekend we had to resurrect the table so Bran could have a Halo video game party for his birthday.  He set up four TV's in the house so he and about 15 of his friends could all play against each other.  While cleaning up I decided to swap out the coffee tables and see what the old one looked like in the old room. 

Here is a photo with the old coffee table (being the one from my parent's).

Here is the room this summer with the original table.

I'm digging the country charm of the old table.  I think I will have to either paint it white or better yet paint the other dark furniture in the room white/cream.  Or even more than that I like the natural color of the wood....and I like white and natural wood mix. Hmmm....I think I have some projects to work on this summer - when the weather is nice.  Oh and don't mention this to the hubby.  He was none too pleased when he heard of my desire to change all our furniture.

I have to say the more I look at the pic, do you think the table is too small for the sectional???  That is my only concern at the moment.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

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