January 17, 2011

the knit pouf craze

I am obsessed with the knitted pouf.  I'm sure you've seen them.  I feel like they are everywhere right now. I just love the limitless colors, the shape and the texture they add.  They're so fresh and fun - and look pretty darn comfy too.  

I first heard of them from dutch artist Christien Meindertsma.  



Check out her monster needles?  I believe she is making a knit rug in the above photo - which I am also crazy about.  Another project to put in the experimental project list. Christien’s pouf is available throughDWR for $800.

For a more affordable option check out CB2's version for $79.95.

Now I really wasn't kidding when I said I want to make my own.  I found a pouf/puff pattern from one of my favorite knitting sites, pickles

It actually looks really simple.  So as soon as I get through my long list of baby hat orders I am attempting the pouf.  It's even a great word - pouf.  It makes me chuckle every time.  My needles are calling me.  Time to settle on the couch and get some baby hats pounded out.  Nothing like a winter storm and some inspiring images to put me in the knitting mood.

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