November 29, 2010

all is calm, all is bright

Things were certainly bright this past Thanksgiving weekend but definitely not calm.
My sister-in-law, Carly, an amazing photographer agreed to take some family photos for our Christmas card this year.  She took these on her BROKEN camera and I am thrilled with how they turned out.  We just ran around and played with the dogs while she followed snapping as she went.

I am struggling to figure out which picture/s to use and what direction to go with our card this year so can I share some of my favorites?  Okay, thanks.

So when I ask if I can share some pics I may mean can I share almost all of the pics.  I may like them all.....


This is my brother-in-law Tyler.  He played the part of chauffeur, creative director, and dog wrangler.

Having fun with Christmas lights - only it wasn't quite dark enough yet.  Still fun though!

Dog Wrangler

pretty Lola

a series of unfortunate events.....


watching Hudson runaway - almost had it

watching Hudson runaway again....and note the dog wrangler stands and watches

dark enough for the lights

the sweet promise of treats

can get a dog to do anything

Lola was just satisfied with eating lights

this is how they felt about being tied together in Christmas lights

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