November 5, 2010

we be tearin' down some walls

some very small walls but walls none-the-less.  The kitchen remodel wasn't going to be anything structural.  The plan was to keep the same layout but with new everything.  As you can see from many of the pictures.  New was necessary as most of the old was completely rotten or housing decaying animals.  However, some couldn't get enough demolition so it was suggested that we knock out about 18in. of wall and open up the hall leading from the kitchen to the living/dining area.

It is only 18 inches but I think it will open it up so much and make a huge difference - especially with two large dogs!  I am excited to get things moving, which is officially Monday now!  Soon I will be posting about all the details going up - hopefully.

Here are a few more demo pics to leave you with.

So the flooring was ripped up along with ALL layers of the subfoor - all 4 inches - due to major, major rot.  So glad we did not fall through the basement.

Our new kitchen.

No floor!!  And once the wall to the right of this picture is torn down you will be able to see so much more of my kitchen!

This was the bathroom!

Our bare floors with a peek at the new tile!  It is 12x24 and I love it!

See you all next week and hopefully with a report of some good kitchen progress!

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