November 1, 2010

surprise demolition

This is what my kitchen looked like this morning.

Minus all the items.  It was looking much more bare when I left for work because while all the adorable Harry Potter's, 80's rockstars and lions were knocking down the door for all the candy that I was eating, we were frantically clearing out the kitchen

so that this can happen.

It was a) amazing how many layers were in that kitchen - decorating layers and layers of dirt - glad to be rid of them all;  b) how much smaller the kitchen felt empty (strange) and c) how thankful I am that this all happened while I was at work thanks to some extremely generous and hardworking people.

This is what my deck looked like when I came home from work.

Winner of grossest discovery goes to the dead bird in the venting of our microwave.  And we have no idea how long it has been there.  To the think - our microwave!!  Where we heated food - our food - that went in our bellies!  YUCK.

And all of this is thanks to my father-in-law and Mr. B and they are not done yet.  More demo coming tomorrow!  

Our contractor still won't start until next Monday but now he will be able to jump right in and hopefully get our kitchen done quicker.


Liz Bradley said...

Just tell yourself the bird came AFTER the vent got moved outside...

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! I get butterflies in my stomach looking at those pictures!! I know all too well about kitchen remodeling! Actually, I should say, I know all too well what it's like to live without a kitchen for NINE MONTHS. Yeeeah, we had one man (my father) working on our kitchen and it took 9 months. Our goal was 2 weeks! It pretty much was a snowball project. It was gutted to the point where we had no ceiling (you could see our attic) and the subfloor was replaced. So we could see straight into our basement. think I brought a newborn (Lilly) home to a house with NO kitchen. (what was I thinking to start the demo project 5 days before my due date??) It sounds like you have lot's of people to help out! Over all, it's a fun process. Ours just took too long and was a bigger project than we though!! It was however, worth the wait. Oh.....we found hundreds and hundreds of mice droppings underneath our cabinets. YUCK!!
Enjoy and Have fun!!!!!!!!

Ann Bergman

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving first of all! I hope you guys had a nice time. Sorry I am just getting back to you but since seeing this post about your kitchen remodel I constantly am telling myself that if Ann can do it pregnant with 3 other children at home then I can certainly handle it. You are a brave, brave woman!
Thanks for the encouragement. Hope to see you soon!

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