November 14, 2010

granite city

This weekend we finally got to explore the stoneyard and start the process of picking out the granite.  I have been looking forward to this since Brandon told me he wanted granite over butcher block.  I love exploring all the different stones.  They are just beautiful.

Our granite playground.  They just gave us clipboards and pens and told us to have fun exploring.  Just us and the granite.

So the point of this first visit was to choose which type of granite we like.  Then they give us a quote for each one.  We choose the cheapest one and then get to go back and pick out the specific slab.

Here are the types of granites we are interested in.

Here are some fun examples of ones we did not choose.

That is real granite, with real fossils.

This granite is crazy.  I feel like I am looking through water at pebbles at the bottom of a slow moving stream.

Just interesting.

Also just interesting.

I kind of was intrigued by this marble for the kitchen.

Hmm...which one will it be?

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