December 6, 2010

just keeping it real

This is what our Christmas tree looks like right now.  It will probably look like this for a few days.  You see we tried decorating the outside of our house with fresh garland and Christmas lights.  It was going to look very festive and welcoming.  Only problem - we didn't have enough lights.  So of course we stole some lights from the Christmas tree.  No big deal.  We'll just run to Target later (the answer to everything).  But Target failed us (GASP).  They only had crazy LED bright white/blue (not real) lights. They had pink lights and rainbow lights too.  Oh and lots and lots, like a whole aisle dedicated to icicle lights.  Do people still use though?  I remember when those babies were flying off the shelves - oh the good ol' days - when the holiday's biggest worries were whether you could find icicle lights and the Y2K bug.  But we made it through.  My holiday decorations may not though.  Did I mention that the fresh garland and lights never quite made it up?  No - well we're still working on that too.  You see, it was a little cold freezing here in the midwest this weekend and we're just not that tough or crazy.  Or maybe we are just big babies because apparently no one else in the neighborhood experienced our same problems.  Once again, we are the party pooper on the block.  The sore thumb.  The ugly house.  

Just maybe we will catch up on the holiday spirit by the time the kitchen is finished.  I mean nothing gets you in the holiday mood like fresh Christmas cut-out cookies.  And we happen to be in luck because after a long stall we have action this week.  Appliances arrive Thursday and then soon after that the counter arrives!  
We're getting closer.  I'll keep you posted - on the kitchen and the tree.

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