December 20, 2010

new knit baby headbands

A few weeks ago I posted about another cutie, wearing my stripe ear flap hat.  Well the same photographer just photographed another precious little one wearing some more of my creations.  And when I say little, I mean tiny, little Thomas weighs 4 lb. 4 oz.  But he is so adorable.
Indulge me?

Check out Erin's website.  Her newborn page melts my heart. 

Thomas is great but where are all the baby girls?!  I have been doing some knitting for my expectant friends which has been so much fun.  I want to supply them with an endless amount of knitty little things.  I put so much time, energy and love into each piece that I knit so I absolutely love that I get to share them with my good friends and their new little blessings.  My one and only complaint is that they are ALL having or just had BOYS!  Still cute and so fun to knit for but I have so many new designs made just for girls.

A new favorite is my new knit headband.  I quickly whipped one up this weekend while watching Elf with the hubby and I loved  it so much I had to make one for myself.  I just need a little baby girl to confirm that it is as cute on as I imagine.  I contemplated testing it on Lola but that would make me one of those dog owners who treats their dogs like children.  (To my friends rolling your eyes right now - we aren't that bad - yet.)  Well back to the knitting - tell me what you think of the headbands.  Yay or nay?!

(I apologize for the image quality.  There is only so much you can do with our old camera and bad lighting at night.)


Aimee said...

Love the pictures! And I think the headband's a winner.

Audrey said...

Jessica, these are adorable! You can definitely try them out on Elsie :) I volunteer her as a model.

Unknown said...

Elsie would be perfect! We're forcing Kara to have a photoshoot - I can't be trusted with a camera. Or at the very least I am sending you a headband and you can share any photos you take of her with it!

Erin Tole said...

I have 9 babies due in the next two months! Feel free to send me girly things and of course I'll send you nice photos again :)

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