December 16, 2010

we have a working kitchen

A lot has happened in the kitchen the past few days.  While we were briefly out of town we had a flurry of workers hooking up the gas, installing the granite and setting up all the plumbing.  That means we now have a working stove top, oven, microwave, sink, and dishwasher!  And with the countertop we have all the essentials needed to cook a meal.  And while the finishing touches such as the backsplash, paint, and moldings aren't up yet, it still looks beautiful.  At least I think so.

Nicor finally came on Wednesday morning.  We were heading out the door for two days but they assured us that when we returned home we would have gas!  I know this doesn't sound too thrilling but it was almost as exciting as when the granite was installed the day before - almost.  I managed to grab one picture of the men hard at work.  We were told they would be digging a large whole on our parkway to access the gas valve and turn it back on for us.  Years before we purchased the home the previous owner had the whole house converted to electric, so slowly we are turning it back to a gas efficient home - and this was the first step!  However, when they showed up our neighbors got quite the surprise - a large whole on their parkway.  I guess that is where the valve is located.  And when I say large, I mean large.....a 4x6 pit was what it took to access the line.  You could hardly see their hard hats peeking above the edge.  Sorry neighbors!

So good to their word, when we arrived home we had gas!  I can cook now.  I just don't know what the first meal should be.  Any suggestions?  This is a big deal for us.  I am not counting all the many many Christmas cookies that I will be baking over the weekend.  No time can be spared in planning there.  

As I promised here is the granite.  We went with persian pearl and love it.  The pictures aren't the greatest, we have just an old point and shoot camera but you can still tell what they are like.  I also included a picture of our new faucet and sink.

There is still much to do.  We have to finish the electric, put up the backsplash (white subway tile), paint, pick some fabric curtains, and finish off with the trim.  It won't be too much longer now and in the meantime, we can eat!

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Anonymous said...

beautiful!!! glad you finally have gas!

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