June 1, 2012

Instagram week 7

It has been a great week.  A pretty relaxing week.

We started the memorial weekend with a little mulching....a lot of mulching.  We ordered 3 yards this year which is more than enough and were kindly delivered over 4 yards.  Our mulch is so thick we may be able to skip it next year but our yard looks SO much better.  I will have to share some before and after photos.

I also walked around our local french market with my sis eating a croissant...yum.  End of story.

Then we packed the car and headed to the lake for 2 days.  It was so hot and lovely.  The dogs love it out there.  Lots of land to run around on and nice water to cool off in.  We enjoyed a night cruise on the boat too which is always so nice.  The second day a storm blew in so we headed back a little early but it was still the perfect start to lake season.

We had no time to settle in because we immediately set out car shopping and unfortunately had to say goodbye to our truck.  We have discovered that we are not good at saying goodbye to things/people.  However, selling the truck meant gaining a new car and I can say that she has won me over.  I'll share more about her later.

And then the week ended with a fun but sad little farewell party for my dear friend Melissa.  She is an amazing designer by day and an even better baker blogger by night.  We work together and some ladies at the office threw her a party.  We each picked a recipe from her blog to share for lunch.  I picked the mini hand packed pies and learned how to make my first crust.  It was actually pretty easy.  I'll be sharing her amazing recipe, blog and video tut soon.  It deserves its own post.  In the meantime check out her blog http://thefauxmartha.com/.  I recommend also looking up bitchin' sauce.  Yum!

So thanks for stopping by.  We are off stroller shopping - again - on a friday night.

Oh and since I am learning so much about instagram these days I just learned that you can follow people - I'm slow - so feel free to follow along @cherryst.   I have no idea how I could ever link to that so you'll just have to search my name.  Sorry I'm lame.


Lily Bean said...

i always have trouble saying goodbye to vehicles as well =P

Unknown said...

it's so silly but they often hold a lot of memories

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