June 4, 2012

Apple Hand Pies courtesy of Faux Martha

I made my first crust from scratch!!

I cannot believe that little ol' me successfully made a completely homemade crust.  I really cannot take all the credit, I was forced into it by my dear friend Melissa of Faux Martha.  She didn't know she was coercing me into tackling this frightful beast.
Melissa and her husband will be leaving us and moving across the country so we had a little goodbye party in her honor where we each made one of her amazing recipes.  By the way, she has a whole beautiful blog full of delicious recipes.  It made it really hard to choose just one.  I finally settled on the apple hand pie because I adore them.  Memories of apple picking, crisp air, warm sun and beautiful colors.....ahhh fall.  I'm not wishing summer away but fall holds a special place in my heart.  

I usually make these apple hand pies with store bought pastry dough because I thought I wasn't legit enough in the kitchen to pull off the real deal.  Well thanks to Melissa and her great crust recipe I proved to myself that I can do it.  I did not want to disappoint her by totally ruining her recipe so I was very careful and followed her recipe and video tutorial exactly and came out with a flaky and buttery crust.  Melissa has a great recipe and I was so surprised with how easy it was.  I never will use the store bought stuff again.

Bran loved them too and couldn't even wait for me to finish the mini photo session.  In his defense this was straight out of the oven and they are best warm and fresh!  And they smelled really good too.

Do you notice the glaze on there?  Mix up a cup of powdered sugar, a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 1/2 tablespoons of milk to make a delicious glaze for just a little extra something...it really doesn't need it though.

Thanks Melissa for your inspiring and extremely yummy dishes that are so attainable.  So glad that you will never be farther than a few clicks away (although I will miss having you down the hall).  So excited for you guys and best of luck!

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