June 18, 2012

Baby K: first baby shower

My sweet and crazy family spoiled me with an adorable baby shower a few weekends ago.
One of their first questions upon my arrival was....

Did we make the blog?  Is the shower blog-worthy?

I thought that was giving this little blog a little too much credit but that is what family is for:  spoiling you rotten while making you feel way cooler and more special than you really are.

I love my family!

They went above and beyond with this shower and of course definitely made the blog.  All the details were so perfect and thoughtful. They put so much time and energy into the shower and I felt so loved.  I really am so blessed to have so many incredible aunts and girl cousins to learn and grow from.  

One special touch that I added was Baby K's first "adult" bible.  I asked each guest to "sign" it by highlighting a favorite verse and writing their name or even a message to Baby K.  When she is ready for her first bible Bran and I will give her this one so she can see all the people who love, support and encourage her, especially in her walk with the Lord.  I think Bran and I are going to write a note to her that will be sealed up and kept in the Bible for safe keeping for her to find and read when she is older.  I hope it is something she cherishes.  I know I already cherish it for her.  It was so special to have my family be the first to "sign" it.  There are a lot of very sweet and special messages to Baby K.

It wasn't all seriousness though.  These girls planned a killer craft.  My family loves a good craft - it is in our blood.  Some have it a little thicker than others but we spent a long time creating onesies for Baby K by cutting out fabric in fun shapes and ironing them on to the onesies.  They turned out so great and now we have a great collection of soft, thick adorable onesies.

While most of our time was spent crafting (people were just so darn creative and couldn't stop) we also ate some great food and I opened up some amazing gifts.  I can't wait to use them all when Baby K arrives.

As the day ended and people headed home they each received one of these yummy and cute sugar cookies made by momma and sister.  Seriously, shouldn't they go into business together?  They would kill it selling these and other designs for weddings, bridal showers and baby showers  - even birthday parties.

My mom and sister - the cookie queens.

My lovely hosts - Aunt Kathi, Aunt Judi (she is making me the quilt), my lovely cousin Noelle and cousin Katie (she is expecting her third daughter two days after me!)

Bump shot.

Sisters.  She will be a great Aunt and not just because she bought the baby her first Uggs.


Family, thank you for showering Baby K and I with so much love, support and well wishes.  I am so blessed to have each of you in my life and I can't wait for this little girl to meet each of you.  
She is pretty darn lucky.  Love you all!

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blue roses said...

the onesie craft is a great idea! i have been meaning to design some onesies for my baby niece; think i found my weekend plans. thanks for inspiring me!


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