June 30, 2011

Porch Update

So awhile back I mentioned that we were remodeling our porch - well actually adding a porch.  Right now we just have a stone pile sitting at the foot of our door.

We are wanting to add some oomph to our curb appeal and a lot of function.  Our front porch is lacking some serious function.

We've done a little work so far to help.  Last summer we replaced our old, completely ineffective door and fixtures.



Check out the way the house looked on closing day.

And last summer after we replaced the door and light.

I can't wait to show you the final outcome.  We have big plans to dramatically change the look of our house.  We are adding 4 feet width to the porch and then adding a gabled roof and beautiful wood columns and railings.  I am hoping we give it the great arched ceiling with beautiful wood slats.  That detail has yet to be confirmed but just the mere addition of a covered porch is HUGE for our curb appeal.  And then of course with such a great porch we will have to revamp the landscaping.  New bushes, plants and flowers.  CANNOT WAIT!

I am told the building permit is being obtained now and construction should start in a week to two weeks!!!  I'm giddy with excitement. 

Of course to help my neighbors not scoff at our porch in the meantime I put together a planter for the porch.  Nothing special but this time I did something different which totally got me all excited because I am weird like that.

I bought this planter last summer at the flea market and had a little trouble filling it.

I had a hard time fitting the nice cardboard pots in there.  Either too small or too large or too tall.  Grrr.  I bought those straw/grass basket things and those also were strange and bunched weird.

I was in a pickle with an ugly basket full of dying flowers.

Until this past fall when it dawned on me a few months too late that landscaper's burlap would be perfect.  So I went to a local nursery and was generously given old burlap bags that were used for landscaper's gravel or something.  Did I mention that they were free.  Because they were.  And I like them.  And I want to use them for other projects.  Think. Think. Think.

Well while we think let me show you how cute they made my planter.  

So that is the band-aid that I placed on my porch's boo boo.
I will keep you posted on all the porch remodel details - hopefully very soon.


Designed by Chance said...

You have a cape! I love that. I have one too, and so does the little lady over at "the Cape on the corner." How do you furnish upstairs? I have so much trouble with that.

Love the upgrades as well.

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Love what you did with the wire planter & the burlap bags-very clever! Can't wait to see your curb appeal project.

Rachel // Maybe Matilda said...

Your house is adorable! I can't wait to have a house someday . . . I'm getting tired of renting, especially when I see such beautiful houses like yours! The new door looks fantastic . . . I can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! You are so creative!! Can't wait to see the pics of the new porch!!

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