June 22, 2011

Boston Vaca - the real one

Ok, so I got a little off track earlier but here is the real family vaca.

Brandon and I flew in Friday night, which is a horrifying flight story for another time.  Let me just tell you that we reached the house at 4:30 am on Saturday, slept until 7:00 am and then went straight to my brother's graduation.  That was a long two days........

So skip the graduation all together and head to the part where we went to the Red Sox game - and guess who they were playing.....The Cubbies!  Our home team.  It was so exciting to see Fenway and actually be able to cheer our home team on.  Plus it was the first time the Cubs had played the Red Sox at Fenway since 1918.  It was shocking how many Cubs fans made the trip to Boston to see the series.  And the Cubs won that night!  However, I must admit that not being the biggest baseball fan ever all I could really think about was the movie The Town and the scenes they shot in Fenway.  It was a fun night.

We also spent the day in Boston.  I didn't take many pictures there as we walked the Freedom Trail since we found most of the sites were closed but I did manage to snap this quick photo.  Who knew Bran was so successful on the east coast.

This coincidental salon was on a street which is similar to our Michigan Avenue - but not quite as big.

While out in Boston we also toured Rockport and surrounding quaint towns.

Our house.

The view from our house at low tide though.

Bear Skin Neck - downtown Rockport

The interesting story of Bear Skin Neck - how romantic

I really wish this little ice cream store was open.  So adorable.

The empty downtown.  Stores weren't really open yet.  I guess they don't open until Memorial Day when the crowds really come.  We were a week too early.

The fudgery.  Open but not the greatest fudge ever.  Not gonna lie.

A slight break in the clouds allowed for some views.

And a family pic.

Lots of canoes in downtown Rockport.  Not sure why there is a need for this many.  But they look cool.
I think my brother also took this photo.

And of course Motif No. 1

There were lots of lighthouses of course and this is a slightly big deal since I am from the midwest.

My cute sister.  My brother took this photo.  He's good.

We even visited a creepy castle some man built.  He modeled it after the castles in Europe of course, which he was obsessed with.  He was a strange man.  Even more strange was the man who ran the now museum castle.  He liked to pretend he was Hanibal.....creepy.

But he offered to take a family photo.

Pretty fake window things but a great view.

I really wanted to share even more of my trip - especially the beautiful architecture but unfortunately blogger is struggling to accept some of my pictures so hopefully I can load them tomorrow.

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Natalie said...

ahhh we were in Boston in September and I fell in love!! So glad you guys had a good time, we saw a baseball game too and I was definitely more about the people watching than the baseball ;)

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