June 24, 2011

my little piggy bank

I'm starting my own little piggy bank.  Just like when I was a little kid and would collect any extra money I could find whether from the couch cushions or my last lemonade stand just so I could stuff it in my piggy bank and dream of what I would buy with it.  It usually didn't last long with the ice cream man always driving by and our weekly trips to the Popcorn Shop to buy candy.  But this time will be different though.  This time I am taking whatever extra money I come across whether from my garage sale, selling baby hats or whatever other extra money might find its way into my hands and sticking it in my new and improved piggy bank. Well and of course still spare change from the couch -  it's just such a good opportunity and it adds up.

And unlike when I was little, this time I really am going to save it all for something I really, really want.  And even in my mind need.

A new camera.

And not just any camera - A Nikon D5100 Digital SLR.  I've been eyeing this camera for awhile but it really hasn't been a necessity warranting the money.  And really it still isn't a necessity which is why I am saving up to buy it.  I do not know too much about cameras but I've talked to a lot of people and a lot of photographers and most recommend Nikon.

I literally was counting the change in my "piggy bank" also known as a giant mason jar to start off my savings.

I was doing such a good job counting when the Big Man came and threatened my progress with his giant, clumsy paws. 
Fortunately he stayed where he was and watched while I finished.

The grand total came to $104.08 with 2 euros and a 1 pound piece.

I was pretty pleased with that considering it has just been sitting in the corner collecting dust and a few loose coins now and again.  I've had that random coin collection going for years now and really never thought twice about it.

So with that good start I also just added what I made from the garage sale last weekend.  I never really reported how it went so consider this your update.

The garage sale was last Friday and it was a lot of fun.  It was my first garage sale and I was the big money maker of the day.  We all did really well and sold a lot.

As you can see I pretty much had a full living room for sale on the front lawn.  I thought I would sell most of it but all I could get rid of was the black shelf and the coffee table.  I managed to sell a few baby hats but I think the prices kind of upset people.  They were definitely cheaper than my normal price but still not quite garage sale pricing.  I didn't really expect to sell any so I'm glad a few went.
I was really surprised how all the junk sold and how my nicer items wouldn't move.

But either way I am not complaining because I made $250.

Which makes my overall camera savings up to $354.08.  
All in one weekend.  

I hope I can get there by the end of the summer.  I am really needing a new camera (need being used very loosely).  My camera is crap though.  Half the picture is always blurry.  I try to edit it out but I'm ready for the upgrade.  Hopefully soon!

Now I am off to dig in the couch and junk drawers.  I have a few purses that need emptying too.


Stevie Leigh said...

YES. Piggy banks for new cameras are the BEST. Not that I've had a piggy bank, but I'm assuming.

Suz said...

I love my DSLR. I have the Nikon D5000 & have been so happy with it. It was my birthday & Christmas gift from all my family. Good luck ~ sounds like you're off to a great savings start.

Anonymous said...

When you have your next sale post the date here early! I saw your post too late to come. Don't forget to look down,, I see pennies and dimes on the ground in parking lots, ect.!!

Unknown said...

Wow! You already saved a lot of money. How much do you still need to buy the camera that you want? If you want to count coins easier, why don’t you purchase coin counters or coin wrappers? But if there is a public coin counting machine near your place, that would be great. ->Harriett Faulks

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