June 29, 2011

Boston - corbels and picket fences

Okay, so I am sure you have seen enough of our long weekend in Boston but I have one final post to share with you.  I wish I had more time in Boston and I really would like to go back and really explore the area but this trip was more about family and graduation.  However, in between the family and graduation I did actually pick up the camera and grab some shots of the amazing architecture. So here are some house shots of my favorite things corbels.

You know I am addicted to corbels and boy did the homes in Boston have a lot of corbels.  Like real, old, weathered ones.  I wish I took more photos of them.  
I am not kidding you - every other home had a corbel.

I really loved the shape of these corbels.  Wish I could find them in a salvage yard somewhere.  I still am looking for the perfect pair to perch under my butcher block and these would be lovely.

No corbels but super cute anyway.  Black with a turquoise door - love.  The flag is cute too. 

And this house in Salem captivated me.  I love the chipping, peeling paint on the real wood siding and oh the picket fence.  How I love the picket fence.  Of course, I may be ashamed if it were my house but in Salem it seems historically correct. 

Oh and here is my favorite shot from the whole weekend.  I secretly snapped this photo of my dad and Bran waiting for us women to get out of the store.  Haha.  

Sorry that had no significance but just had to share.
That's all you'll get form Boston.  Done.  Promise.

I have some home projects I am working on so I hope to report on them soon.
I'm real excited about them.


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Anonymous said...

Love them too -- trying to find some for my house!

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