June 22, 2011

Never Enough Knitting

I have been a terrible blogger lately.  Life has been moving a little faster and I have to admit that I have not been in the blogging mood in awhile.  In effort to get back into it can you indulge me in one more post - and it is about knitting which is why I even started blogging in the first place.  And honestly....you can never get enough knitting.

While I haven't been blogging I still have been knitting here and there.  I saw this first hat on Pinterest.com and immediately had to try my hand at it.  I love it and really wish I had a baby to wear it this fall.  Hopefully we will have some football games to watch.  If not, this hat is still super cute for a daddy's boy or girl.

I also have made this white hat with some cute accessories for a little girl.  I love the simplicity of the white hat.  Plus it is a great backdrop for a plethora of pins.  You can match it with any outfit.

Now I am working on some orders for people.  Just the usual hats.  I hope I can play around and come up with some new ones soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

Alexis said...

These are adorable hats! I understand, I've been dealing with the same issues with my blogging. I'm hoping that with the end of school things will improve. Have a lovely week and enjoy your time making some orders!

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