July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth & Happy Birthday Lola

Happy 4th of July!
I hope you all are having a fun day celebrating.

We are also celebrating something else here, Lola's birthday!
(Actually we are not celebrating her birthday at all - maybe she'll get some extra treats and bones.)

Our cute, cuddly, and mischievous tyrant is two today.  She sure keeps us on our toes but also fills our little house with a lot of laughs.

Lola started out so innocent.

Slowly she gained confidence and a spirit of adventure.

We always try and put her in her place.

But when you are least expecting it she will go and do something like this.  
Stealing my sunglasses right off my head.  

 We give her the space to run and go crazy.

And if we're lucky she'll wear herself out and take a good, long nap.  
She really can be just a big ol' baby.
(I came home from a run one day to find her sleeping with this in her mouth. 
She kept it there the whole night.)

She really has learned how to relax after a long day of work. 

But she makes up for it by being such a great companion (and cuddler).

No one can make us laugh more than Lola.

She takes abuse well too.

What would we do without our crazy, lovable Lola?!

Happy Birthday Lola!
They say that after a dog reaches two they are out of their puppy stage.  Let's hope.


Muddaritaville said...

Happy Birthday Lola!


Katie Beth said...

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone! You're so sweet.

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