July 13, 2011

Colorado Trip

So before I tell you about our fun, little trip to CO this past weekend I have a confession to share.

I  bought the camera I have been saving for before I officially saved all the money.  Well actually it was my sweet husband's idea.  He bought it for us knowing how badly I wanted it.  Plus what fun is it to finally buy it after the summer is nearly over.  So I am still saving for the last $200 but we get to enjoy it in the meantime.  Especially on our recent trip to CO.

The Keith family all went to CO this past week with the Harrisons, our relatives visiting from Scotland, so we flew out for the weekend to spend more time with them all.

There was 16 of us out in Colorado.  It was a pretty crazy group but we had a lot of fun.

We went on a cattle drive.

Say hello to my horse, Crockett.

This is Rebekah on Belle.  Crockett had a major crush on Belle.  He would not leave her alone.

Mr. Keith on Joker.  Voted most beautiful horse.

Carly on Star, Samuel on Badger and Connor on Sweet Pea.

The treacherous single file journey through the barbwire field.  We all made it!

Crockett driving the cattle to the water hole.  When I drove him close enough, he would bite them on their bottoms to keep them moving.  So crazy.

Water break for all.

After the break at the water hole was over it was time to keep moving them.

The bull was MASSIVE and slow - and old.  His brother is one of the top rodeo bulls.  Scary.

Allison and Sally heading home on their horses after a long day wrangling. 

Connor and Sweet Pea. They rocked the range.

Tyler on Tiny.  They were buddies.

Since this was a whirlwind trip we jumped to the next item on the itinerary - family pictures at Peak 8 in Breckenridge.

Sorry that is a lot of jumping pictures....I just like them.

Then we finished the weekend with an incredible hike that culminated in a waterfall and lake.
It was so beautiful.  My favorite thing to do in CO.

The most incredible waterfall.  I cannot tell you how large and powerful it was.

Once you got over the waterfall it lead to a gorgeous lake with lots of mining remnants.

We had an amazing weekend.  It totally refreshed us (and wore us out at the same time).

And I think the camera performed quite well!


Jacqueline said...

Oh you look like you had so much fun! I went to Boulder a few years ago and love it so much.

Unknown said...

Oh I've never been to Boulder. Always wanted to. Thanks for stopping by!

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