April 5, 2011

flea market season has begun

Just have to remind everyone that the my FIRST EVER LINK PARTY is almost closed.  Come and link up now.

Flea market season has officially begun for me.  It was a bit cold this past Saturday but my sister and I decided to make a quick trip to welcome it in.  We have a great local flea market called the Kane County Flea Market, it really is quite large and fortunately for me - only a 20 minute drive.  Last summer we were there every month.  So I have been anxiously awaiting the warmer weather.  I wasn't really expecting much from the first trip of the season but look at what I walked away with - all for under $10.

I found a great, beat up little bench for $6!  I've been wanting a little one for my kitchen and was pleasantly surprised to find this fat guy.  He is one solid and stubby little bench and I love him.  My only complaint is the strip of wood.  I really didn't want to paint him but I think I may have to.  The strip just bothers me.  Especially after seeing it in pictures.

So what color do I paint it?  I'm thinking of changing out the curtains too.  I think I want to either leave it a blue color or maybe red???

I also bought some pages from an old children's book.

I loved the elephant.  Oh and the lion.  I think they will be so great to frame in a nursery or little boy's room.  So I am going to hold onto them until I or someone I love has need of them.  I liked the monotone color - I think it could be a cool color theme to incorporate.  

Oh, and the photos ran me $4 total so all in all I think it was a fabulous opening day!

I hope it is a good sign of the rest of the season.

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Alexis said...

How fun! I don't have a flea market around (at least that I know of) so it's always neat to see what other people can discover.

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