February 10, 2011

quick and easy but oh so yummy

I am no gourmet.  Really, I am pretty bad in the kitchen - sorry hunny.  But I have learned some shortcuts over the past few years.  Here is my favorite!

I love butternut squash ravioli - it is definitely a favorite but reserved only for fancy restaurants because I cannot make ravioli and they do not make the packaged butternut squash variety.  Sad face.

That's okay though because I can now make the next best thing.

Whenever I make roasted butternut squash or butternut squash soup I save a small bag of the squash cubes for a quick meal later.  I roast them with sage or thyme, whatever is on hand, and add some salt and pepper.  I then cook up some pre-packaged ravioli and make a brown butter sauce to drizzle over the whole concoction. Delish!


Natalie said...

Hey Jessica--not sure if you remember me...I went to high school with Brandon (Natalie Gorski then, now Natalie McLaury). I think I came across your blog on facebook? But I love reading your blog---your house is adorable! I actually have a food blog with tons of recipes...most things are relatively easy...you should check it out if you're ever looking for ideas!!


Anonymous said...

I just got back from Trader Joes and in the refrigerator case with the deli meats was several packs of butternut squash ravioli! I did not get a package of it this time... but I do want to try it sometime!

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