February 5, 2011

opening shop - again

This knitting business is tough - but I love knitting.  It is just hard to keep a steady stream of items in the shop and I definitely don't make a profit on a single baby hat.  It really isn't about the profit though.  I just love knitting and I can't have all these baby hats laying around my house.  Plus what is the fun if no baby ever wears the hats.  I made them FOR babies.  Not myself.

Needless to say, it is still really hard to keep them in the shop.  Most of my hat sales come from custom orders leaving little time for stocking up SO I am adding two new elements to the shop......

my new knit headband for baby girls (and girls of all ages)

and my therapeutic neck pillows

I'm very excited because I really love both these items.  I love making them and I love using them.  I wear my headband quite a bit and I definitely use my assortment of neck wraps often.

The neck wraps are made out of soft, flannel fabric and filled with flax seeds and lavender.  They measure 5x20 in. and fit so comfortably around the neck.  I also use mine on my back and feet to stay warm.  I've been known to even fall asleep cuddling it.  Oh and I keep one in my office at work - it's great for all those aches and pains brought on by hunching over your desk. 

They make great gifts for mother's day, new moms, surgery or illnesses, bridesmaid spa packages, birthdays, Christmas, or just to help someone beat those winter blues.

I spent my blizzard days sewing a variety of neck wraps in a variety of colors and patterns - all in super soft flannel (except for the white one below, that is super, super soft baby blanket fabric).


I haven't added all of these to etsy yet but I will be working on it today.  If you don't see one of these patterns on etsy and you want one just message me and let me know.  I have them here and would be happy to send them your away.  Also, if you are local to my area, you know who you are, let me know and I will drop the shipping charge and get it to you.

Now I am thinking that a name change may be in order.  Sweet Pea Knits just doesn't seem to fit anymore?  Hmmmm.........


Allison said...

Great idea! Those neckwraps are AMAZING - I use mine all the time, especially when it's so cold out!

hlmw said...

I'd love to order one. Please let me know how.

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