February 21, 2011

unfinished projects

I am the queen of unfinished projects. Particularly when it comes to crafts.  I think I have craft ADD.

Example 1: My craft room.  Earlier this week it looked like this.

I must say it looks A LOT better.  I have thrown out so much stuff but you see something happened while I was cleaning out.  I found some other unfinished projects.  
Like this........
Example 2:  Unfinished crafts that are completely forgotten.

A baby blanket I was working on.  I knit a lot of little squares and well that gets old after awhile.  So I set it down (for just a moment) to start a new project.  I will get to this one eventually.  Hopefully they still sell that yarn - haven't even checked yet.

Which leads me to....

Example 3:  The hoarding of yarn for more projects started and forgotten but mostly just forgotten.  My head gets a little bigger than my hands sometimes.  And I am an impulsive shopper.  We are working through this quite successfully.  Starting with the yarn.

I am embarrassed to show you all my yarn.  So here is a snippet.  Oh crap another unfinished project managed to sneak into this photo. Pretend you don't see that baby hat still on the needles - thank you much!

New goal - I refuse to buy new yarn until this collection is more than halfway used up (or given away) but I prefer used up.  I like this yarn - this is quite and investment of yarn.

Well I wish I could share more of my unfinished projects but I just can't take pictures of it all.  If I did, you may see loads of scrapbooks and photos.  Shelves of fabric.  

Oh and most horrifying of all - a GIANT blanket I am making for my sister's bed completely covering my entire floor.  I am still in the pinning mode (tedious) but then I was suddenly in the mood for making flowers for some headbands.  I just finished 3 headbands for myself - I will share them soon.  I LOVE them.  They are unique from what most crafty gals (such as yourselves) are making but I like them.

What about you - any confessions?

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Chandeen @ Designed by Chance said...

I have a blanket, also with little squares, that I started years ago. One day I will want to finish it. But I will have to use different yarn because I ran out of gray.

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