January 8, 2012

Yarn Feature - Muskat Egyptian Cotton

I have a new favorite yarn so I would like to start a new series where I can share with you what's in my yarn basket.  Personally I feel that the yarn is the most important component of a knit item. It is also my favorite thing about knitting.  I love all the colors, textures, styles......everything.  It is always the yarn that inspires my next project and the yarn that has been inspiring me the most lately is Muskat Egyptian Cotton.  It is soft, silky and has such a rich color.  It even has a nice sheen to it that almost shimmers. 

The price is in the mid-range around $6.50 a skein.  I buy my Muskat at my local yarn store.  It actually has been kind of hard to track down an internet provider to share with you so hopefully your own searches will go better than mine.

Here are a few items I have made with this yarn in the past.

But I am most excited for the hat I am currently working on with this yarn.

A chevron earflap hat.  I'll post as soon as I finish.

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