January 2, 2012

House Goals for 2012

Now that we are a few days into this new year  Bran and I can't waste any more time because we created an extremely full list of house projects we wish to complete in 2012.  Of course we realize that we won't get to them all due to time, resources and most importantly finances but hopefully we can complete a good portion of them.

We have been putting a lot of money into this tiny little house and while it was necessary and we don't regret any of it, we both feel it is time to slow down and work on building our savings.  All the major purchases and remodels have now been completed on the house.  I made a list of everything we have done in 2011 (not including 2008-2010) and it is really exciting to see how extensive it is.

Projects Completed in 2011

- Kitchen remodel
- New doors on lower level
- Opening the gas line to the house
- New gas furnace and air conditioner
- New front and back door
- New front porch
- New gas water heater
- Painting and refinishing the deck
- New washing machine and gas dryer
- Painting the living room

As you can see the above list was pretty financially draining so the following list for 2012 fortunately is mostly cosmetic and hopefully cheaper(and in my opinion - more fun!).

House Goals for 2012

- Upstairs bathroom remodel
- Carpet runner on stairs
- Add functionality to laundry room (or create a laundry space in the basement)
- Paint guest room and re-decorate a bit
- Paint hallway - below trim
- Repair holes and re-paint
- Make curtains/shades for guest room, master bedroom and office
- Find artwork/photos to hang in living room
- Paint dining room chairs
- New light fixture in dining room
- Shelves in kitchen above butcher block
- Landscaping
- Freshen trim with new paint
- New doors upstairs and in office
- Mantle and entertainment shelves around fireplace

After these items are completed Bran and I both feel the house will be in pretty good order and hopefully will just be in a state of upkeep.  Of course we both have the pipe dream of someday finishing the basement and maybe adding a sunroom but we highly doubt we will do either in this house given the duration we wish to live here.  But hey if HGTV wants to show up or we win the lottery then thats the first thing we'll do.

Now back to work.......


Unknown said...

My hubby and I dream of finishing our basement as well. I love what you did with the front porch, it makes the house look really welcoming.

Kathi said...

Your house is so cute - it looks like a storybook! I am in the same position of having a million projects I'd like to get done this year. Good luck with your list!

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