January 1, 2012

Recycled Baby Hats

I do not think I express my love for Pinterest enough.  I adore Pinterest.  It has changed my life.  Little much?  I agree.  Needless to say I do care for Pinterest quite a lot and really find it useful in my life.  It has helped with keeping track of new recipes to try, party ideas, home decor inspiration and of course great projects and new blogs to follow.

And I would be remiss if I did not mention that it really has helped attract so many fabulous readers to this little blog - thanks to my fabric flower tutorial.  So if you are here from Pinterest - welcome and thanks for stopping by and checking out what else Cherry Street Cottage is blabbering about.  (That may or may not be a word.)

I have Pinterest and Make It and Love It to thank for my next project.  I pinned these adorable hats a few weeks ago hoping to get to them someday.  As you know I've made a little business from knitting baby hats but these were so cute!

As I was cleaning out my closet in prep for the new year I reluctantly decided to get rid of some of my favorite pieces of clothing.  I was having such a hard time putting them in the goodwill pile.  I don't wear them anymore but I just can't let go.  Silly.  But then I thought of this project and decided to try and recycle these outfits and turn them into baby hats.  The tutorial was so easy to follow and I think the hats turned out great.  Now I just need a baby to wear them.

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