August 13, 2011

Porch Demolition - finally

This morning I came home to see this.  My porch completely demolished.  It was a pleasant surprise though, one that we have been waiting for all summer.  I have mentioned several times on this little blog that we are re-doing our porch and after many delays it is finally happening.
Well it better be happening now that you drop 3 feet when walking out our front door.  Can you imagine if our contractor never came now?  I am not sure what would be better.


Or this.

Ok, so probably the first but I think it was only a matter a time before it looked like the pile of rubble above.  Bran was out there helping with the demolition for awhile and he said that they gave it a few good blows and the whole thing caved in on itself.  Not the sturdiest structure.

I wish I had the plans for the porch to show you but I don't and unfortunately I really can't find a picture of what we are doing which is so strange since it really is simple.  We are adding a gabled roof a few columns and hanging light and some nice vertical slat molding on the base.  I guess you will just have to wait for the big reveal.  Hopefully it turns out the way we are envisioning it - or maybe even better.  

In the meantime I just have to remember not to leave the house through the front door.

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