August 25, 2011

how do i use this camera?!?

I have had my camera now for over a month and I feel like it is time I actually learn how to use it - properly - like not in auto mode.  I have toyed with the idea of taking a photography class (and I still may) but for now I have been using the wonderful world-wide-web to learn so many great tips.  With all the talented people with amazing blogs and photography businesses it has really been very easy to find information, tutorials and tips.  It has been information overload for me and it has caused a severe case of ADD and impatience.  So instead of read and learn and grow I spent the weekend following my dogs around with my camera snapping away at their every movement.  I even stalked a few kids (don't worry they were my cousin's girls).  The lesson learned - Lightroom is saving my life right now.  I do want to get to the point soon where I don't ALWAYS need Lightroom to save my images.  So much to learn......must sit and study.  Have I mentioned that I am notoriously horrible at focusing and studying??  I just want to get out and do.....which doesn't always work.  Let me know if you guys have any great sites, tips or tutorials.

Here are my practice images.

Right now I am practicing taking photos in Aperture Priority Mode.  I'm learning how to adjust the aperture and ISO settings to capture the image I want. 

Then I realized I needed to up my ISO so I could get better clarity on the water.

So I think it is much better than the above photos but I there is still much to learn.   I'm still struggling with motion though.  I'm still shooting in aperture mode so I try upping my ISO and it sometimes works but with dogs and kids I have a lot of moving subjects and many of my images still come out VERY blurry.  Should I shoot in another setting?  Can I change something else?  Any tips?

Here are some of the photos (that turned our and weren't too blurry) from my time with the girls.  They are so cute and super super busy.  Thus great subjects to teach myself about clarity with motion.



checking bugs:

sister hugs:

picking flowers:

and cherries:

So I know this is a lot of photos but I think they could all be better and that is where al of you people come in.....please help me.  These were the few non-blurry images among A LOT of images. 


Heather said...

Great pics! To capture motion, you want a fast shutter speed, at least 1/125. Go even faster though to reduce any blur. Kids sure do move fast! keep your ISO at 200 or less otherwise, your pictures look grainy and have less clarity ( that's if you are in ideal light conditions).You will have even better results once you use your camera in manual and can control the aperture.
Great pictures though!

Unknown said...

Thank you Heather! That really helped so much. I tried it out this weekend on my puppies and our lake activities and it made a huge difference. I started using it in manual mode and it was way better than aperture. THANKS AGAIN!

Elizabeth said...

You don't need to keep the ISO at 200 or less... the most important thing is getting the correct exposure. A picture will look much less grainy even at ISO 1600 if it's properly exposed than one that you have to adjust in Lightroom that was taken at IS0 200.
I would also not be adjusting my ISO that much. I would adjust aperture and shutter speed... I keep my ISO around 1/400 for moving children. If you get a speedlight, you can have even more flexibility with your settings!
have you heard of the book understanding exposure? it's a great book for those just starting!

Elizabeth said...

oops, that should say shutter speed at 1/400.

Elizabeth said...

and also, how are you focusing? i prefer to use back button focus and then I set it on AI servo (which lets you track a moving child/object) and I select my own focus point-- but i have a canon... I think you said you have a Nikon? there is something similar I think!
these are great starting out photos though!

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