March 8, 2011

baby shower mania

My best childhood friend Alli, who by the way happened to introduce me to my husband in the fifth grade, is having her first baby in a little over a month.  I am so excited for her and her husband.  They are going to be great parents and she is an adorable pregnant lady.  I would share a photo but I didn't really run it by her first so perhaps another time.  You'll just have to take my word - she is all baby and so cute!  Well this past weekend we had a baby shower for her and her little bundle of joy.  Oh, I forgot to mention - they are having a boy - Tommy Jr.!  Now I know sometimes it can be bad to go off the registry but I wanted to do something different for her - more personal.  I mean we've been friends since grade school - we use to pretend we were twins - for reals.  So I really wanted to put lots of love into my gifts.  So I put together this trifecta of goodies.

Something warm & cozy for baby

Something warm & cozy for mommy

and something warm & cozy for to share

So put all together it looks like this:

I hope she enjoyed the gift.  I really enjoyed creating these things knowing they were for Alli and little Tommy Jr.

Know I just can't wait to meet the little guy.  


Ani said...

vERY aDORABLE EVERY PIECE!!! I'M YOUR NEWEST FOLLOWER... visit my page and follow me at


Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

That gift is adorable ... love the colors and I adore that sweet little bear hat.

Visiting from Somewhat Simple.

Nisha Sharma said...

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