March 24, 2011

Furniture Painting Time - soon

I am so excited.  In the past few weeks I have accumulated 3 amazing pieces of furniture.  For a whopping total of $17.  Yay!  Now the only problem is figuring out how to paint them and make them look amazing. But I am totally up for the challenge.

This hutch came my from my grandparents' home.  She had a lot of collectibles and I loved going through the cupboards as a little girl exploring everything.  I am so glad my mom and aunts let me take her home (oh and that family friends drove it all the way down here from Wisconsin).  Thanks everyone.

I think I am going to paint this piece white or grey or some combo of both.  Oh and the hardware is definitely getting an update.  I am excited to watch this piece transform.

Next I found this side table for $7.  I desperately needed a better side table in our bedroom and this piece seemed to fit the bill.

It's simple and needs a lot of love.  I am going to paint this either navy or grey.  I think the navy would be fun.  Or maybe a dark graphite........I don't know.  Oh and the hardware is going buh-bye.

I love this piece.  I found it at a local used furniture store that is open only on Saturdays.  They had about 15-20 of these old box tv frames.  It is from a local hotel.  They gave it to me for $10.

I had one day of sun and slight warmth to sand this sucker and I didn't waste anytime.

  I am going to leave it natural and add a shelf on the inside.  I am also going to replace the back board.  Oh and maybe even add some curtained swing arms or a rod that allows the fabric to slide.  Just depends.  At first I was going to use this in my craft room but while it was stored in our living room waiting to be finished I used it to fold laundry and it was perfect.  Great solid surface and great storage inside.

So stay tuned.  As soon as it warms up I am going to get busy!


Red Gate Farm said...

Can't wait to see the results! I love the look of painted furniture. By the way, have you checked out the new chalk paint that Miss Mustard Seed ( used recently? It looks really cool and she made it sound like it was easy to use!

Good luck and share when you're done!

Jessica said...

Chris, thanks for suggesting MIss Mustard Seed - can you believe I have never seen her blog. I love her painted furniture. I am very inspired so thank you bunches!

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