February 10, 2013

four months

Four months old and so much fun!
I just love this smiling, happy and playful little girl.  Each month gets better and better.  I didn't think anything would be better than the cuddly newborn stage but it s so great to watch her grow and learn new things.  Oh and the smiles get better and better... almost to the point of a giggle!  
She found her hands and mouth and loves to explore with them.  She almost can roll over - she has done it once and it was so terrifying she screamed for 30 minutes.  She may never try again.  Did I mention the talking? Or in Ella's case the screaming?  Not crying - just really loud, passionate talking we call screaming.  And the on top of it she found her tongue and the ability to spit.  We are raising a real lady here.

Here are the 4 month stats:
14 pounds 9 ounces and 25 inches.  

And the adorable 4 months photo shoot.


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