January 20, 2013

we adopted another puppy....kind of

Sorry to be misleading and lure you in with the promise of super adorable puppy pictures.  There is nothing better than tiny, soft, fluffy puppies except maybe a tiny, soft and fluffy (in a chubby sort of way) baby dressed up as a puppy......

Oh there's more because this is what I do when I'm off work instead of cleaning, organizing or really anything productive.  I force my poor, helpless baby into costumes and outfits and take a ridiculous amount of photos.  I just can't stop.

And then I introduced our new "puppy" to our real puppies.

They were not amused.  I believe what Hudson is saying in this photo is, "Mom, really? Another puppy?  Do you love me at all?"

They would not go near her but instead stood and glared at her.  The only way I could get them close enough for a photo was by covering her in treats.  Even then it took them a long time to approach.

She is learning so much from her older "siblings"


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Jessica... this is too cute!

bakeshoppe said...

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