January 2, 2013

2013: Project Organization

2012 was the year of the baby.  Baby Ella to be exact.  We pretty much started 2012 with the news of our pregnancy.  It was an amazing year but with a new baby, a part-time job, a home and a husband to care for I definitely need to implement some new tactics to optimize my time and money.  So 2013 will be my year of organization.  Fortunately for me Pinterest and the blogosphere make it really easy to get started.

These are the major areas in my life that need organization:

- All things kitchen (menu planning/grocery shopping/cabinets/pantry)
- Storage (basement/closets)
- Home cleaning and maintenance
- All things baby
- Photos and memory items
- Blogging/Etsy/knitting (basically all the time I spend on the computer - definitely need to cut down on that)

Here are some ideas I found on Pinterest (love that place) that I will hopefully be referencing as I work to organize my life this year.  There are so many smart and creative people out there.  Glad they share their great ideas.....

Kitchen Organization

                        1.                                2.                                 3.

1.  Menu planning 
2.  Under the sink organizing
3.  Fridge cleaning


                   1.                        2.                       3.                       4.

1.  Binder of manuals
2.  Wrapping paper storage
3.  Hampers in bathroom or laundry room 
4.  Store sheets in pillow cases 

Home Cleaning and Maintenance

               1.                                 2.                                  3.

1.  Keeping track of home paint colors 
2.  Cleaning Calendar 
3.  Cleaning the dishwasher 

Baby & Children Organization

             1.                        2.                       3.                       4.

1.  Kid cabinet 
2.  Track medicine dosages  l
3.  Have children donate toys before they receive their new Christmas toys  
4.  Toy storage 

Photo Organization & Memory Keeping

           1.                  2.                   3.                 4.                   5.

1. Basic photo organization     
2. Organizing with "yearbook" photobooks
3. Storing photos on CDs
4. Scanning children's artwork and making photobook (the link to her blog wasn't working so I linked to pinterest)

Now it is time to get to work and I will report back my progress.....

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