April 25, 2012

Desk Space - In Progress

My craft room/office is turning into the nursery which means all my crap has to find a new home before we can paint and decorate.  I'm a bit overwhelmed with the prospect of clearing out my cluttered craft room so I decided to start with just relocating my small desk.  Baby steps.  Unfortunately our other spare bedroom is my husband's office, which I could share with him but I think it is important that he has his own space especially since he works from home most evenings and weekends - accountants never rest.  Someday I dream of finishing the basement with a laundry room, bathroom, guest room, living area and a glorious craft room but until that day I'm moving the desk to the living room.  It won't be a designated craft space but it will be perfect for my daily needs.

The desk is moving to the corner where the chair and small side table reside.

I haven't "styled" it yet mostly because I am still looking through all my options.  I want it to be clean and minimal with NO CLUTTER!  Ha - like that will happen.  

The bulletin board resting on the desk won't be there so I will have a lot of tall wall space to work with.  I am thinking of a large piece of art or mirror or maybe a large clock.  I was going to do a gallery wall since I have one large frame on the other wall but that is just too many photos for me to handle.  Maybe I will do something cute with fabric and embroidery hoops?  Any ideas?


Morgan said...

Super cool!

Unknown said...

I love the idea of embroidery hoops and fabric. Ikea has great fabric if you are looking and near one. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

How about a simple tall cabinet,, with shelves/cubbies that you can use for storage?
With doors that close so the inside is hidden.

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