April 3, 2012

Baby K: the diaper bag

I just made my first big baby purchase (this is lie - it is my second but I am not ready to post about the other so let's pretend, thanks).

My diaper bag!

I was not yet in the market for a bag.  I haven't even done my research.  The diaper bag is a very important purchase so I am still a little nervous but kind of totally in love.  While I was shopping with my baby sis we popped into the Kate Spade outlet and saw this beauty on sale and 40% off.  How do you say no to that?  Plus I have 30 days to return it which means I have 29 days to do my research and comparative shopping to make sure this is the right fit for us.

It is a cross-body bag (which is what I wanted) with 6 outside pockets, two for bottles and lots of practical storage inside.  Aesthetically I really like the bag.  It looks like an adult bag that I could use as a purse.  A simple pattern that is also complex enough to hide the dirt.  But I know that it is not just about how the bag looks but how it works.

The bag came with your standard changing pad in red, the same color as the interior.

The inside has several small pockets of various shapes and sizes on the inside and one large zipper pocket separating the interior into two sections, which I like.  I have a purse with this feature and find it helps me stay organized.  Hopefully it will be the same way with a diaper bag but I guess I won't really now how I use my diaper bag until Baby K gets here.  That is what makes diaper bag shopping so hard.  No matter how much research I do I can't be confident of what I want now.  

So help me.  What diaper bag do you have?  What features do you love and what features do you hate?  The other bags I have been looking at are Petunia Pickle, JJ Cole, Dwell, Oi Oi.......any input?

Thanks ladies, you're the best!!


Anonymous said...

I love that bag - really cute! I bought a petunia pickle bottom bag. I also wasn't in the market, but they showed up on Zuilily right after I found out our baby was a girl and I had to have it. It's really pretty (no, my husband probably won't carry it) and I like it's structure and pockets. I would say my only complaint is that the changing pad is pretty chessy, but it still gets the job done. I have found that I no longer carry a purse, just a wrislet, and often I stuff that in the diaper bag. Get whatever you like, cause you'll be taking it everywhere!

Elizabeth said...

I have used my skip hop diaper bag for almost 3 years now, and I love it. It looks like a purse (my stylish sister thought it was one when she first saw it) but it really sturdy and the material can wipe off easily. Now that he is potty trained, I bring along a portable potty ring and it fits in there. It has a ton of pockets inside and several on the outside. It also came with a diaper changing pad.

it's this one in brown though:

Aimee said...

Jess - I did ZERO research & just registered for one I liked. So far (which isn't all that far), I love it. Mine's totally not a grown-up looking bag. In fact, one of my favorite features are the backpack straps - which make me feel more like a little kid on my way to school than a grown-up. :) Anyway - I'm convinced that as long as you like the bag you pick, it'll work... but then again, I've only been a mom for 7 weeks and I've only experienced one diaper bag - so maybe you should use your 29 days to do some research. :)

Piril Maria said...

I want a babe with a diaper bag too. Yours is lovely! =)
Followed the blog, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.


Melissa said...

We have two diaper bags actually. One is a Vera Bradley bag and the other is a Gerber backpack sling bag that we got from the hospital. They both have a different purpose. The Vera bag is bigger and holds a lot more stuff. It doesn't fit well in our jogging stroller though so it makes for a better bag to take away when we are going to the grandparents house and staying longer because we need more stuff. The backpack sling is convenient and travels well. It goes easily on your body and in the jogger. It also works well for taking to church. It holds the essentials (changing pad, diapers, wipes, crea, change of clothes, pacifier, 2small toys, sippy cup, hand sanitizer, small pack of tissues, etc.). My daughter is 10 months old. You will find what works best for you as you and your needs I'm sure. It's difficult to know without actually experiencing it! You definitely picked out a stylish bag though!! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Melissa! I really never considered having two diaper bags that serve different purposes. My husband would appreciate that for sure.

Beth said...

How did I not know that Kate Spade outlets exist!?!? You're bag is a perfect choice!! Making a mental note for one day when we have a bambino!!
Love your blog, new follower here!

Beth said...

How did I not know that Kate Spade outlets exist!?!? You're bag is a perfect choice!! Making a mental note for one day when we have a bambino!!
Love your blog, new follower here!

Anthony K said...

This waas great to read

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