September 11, 2011

Front Porch REVEAL

The porch is finally finished!
 We spent all of last weekend painting this bad boy. It was exhausting work - most of which was done by the boys while I supervised.  Someone's gotta keep them in line.  They rocked the white paint though and I am really happy with our new little hang out spot.  We have such a great little neighborhood, the kind where everyone sits outside and chats and we feel like we are finally a part of that.  Plus now I am hoping kids won't be afraid to come trick or treating at our door this Halloween!

Doesn't it just scream - "Hey kids!  This house has a lot of really great candy."
Only not in a creepy way, in a really friendly, neighbor way.

Oh and I have to share with you the light since you really can't see it from the street or in any of these photos.

Check out how much this porch has changed the look of the house.

Here is the porch over the years - since we've owned it.

I think this is the final stage - well except for landscaping.  As you can see we are in the process of now figuring out how to landscape it.  Of course I will share the progress.  
Hopefully before the first snow settles.


Anonymous said...

Wow I love it! That porch adds so much character to your little cottage. Great work!!


Elizabeth said...

it looks awesome!!

Pine Tree Home said...

Love it. I am a fan of covered entrances. Great transformation.

genelle said...

It looks so good and really transforms the house!

Now you have much more space for halloween and Christmas decorations!

Unknown said...

How cute! I love the little porch; it complements the cottage perfectly. And speaking of the cottage; it rocks! I love simplicity and charm of its design, paint and how it fits right to its environment. I hope it stays that way! Lyn at DAL Builders

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