September 16, 2011

End of Summer Bash

This year we wanted to start a tradition of gathering all of our friends together to catch up, celebrate the wonderful summer and look ahead to a fun fall.  So we had our 1st Annual End of Summer Bash.  I hope this becomes a yearly tradition where we look forward to gathering together no matter how busy our lives all become.  This year we went with a "Movie Under the Stars" theme.

It was a really fun night - so fun that we never got to watch the movie.  Of course the boys were able to watch the Michigan/Notre Dame Game.  The football game worked so well on the screen we will be watching all the Bears night games out there - maybe with hot cocoa instead of beer.  And we won't have the real popcorn maker.  A friend from work lent that to me for our party and it was so fun and yummy to pop our own movie theater popcorn.

Oh and lastly I just had to share my little lollipop tree from the candy bar.  It just made me smile.

Now what theme will we come up with for next year?  Good thing I have a full year to plan.  

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