March 24, 2010

The not so hot tub

After all those days of hard labor we could not wait to get in that hot tub and soak for a very long time.  
Oh, what hot tub, you ask?

After spending hours squatting inside and scrubbing years of scum and dirt away (did I mention that before this home was vacant for years, it was rented out to boys who went to our local college?)  A homes two worst enemies - renters and boys. needed A LOT of scrubbing.  No worries though, it would be completely worth it and our inspector assured us the hot tub was in great, working condition.  Finally, it was time to fill 'er up and heat 'er up.  Hours later we went out to see that all the water except for one foot had completely drained back out flooding our yard.  Yup....leaks.  Not just some small leaks, the pipes underneath the hot tub were shattered into millions of pieces.  The pipes hardly existed anymore.  Someone (not pointing any fingers - boys) let the pipes freeze up with water in them over our long winter.  

So guess what we did the next day?


So long sweet hot tub.  You will be greatly missed.

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