March 21, 2010

Jungle Madness

When we first visited Cherry St. Cottage during our home search we definitely had a hard time seeing the potential in the backyard, let alone seeing the backyard.  It was an absolute, abandoned disaster.  However, a large backyard was one of the most important factors in our home search.  You see, my husband grew up always having four dogs in the house so it was only natural that we of course would get one right away.  I don't think he knows how to live without a dog.  So when we saw this -

- our jaws dropped.  
This is not a dog friendly backyard.  This isn't an anything friendly backyard.  However, when we saw this - 
- we perked up a little bit.  
At least there was a hot tub to sit and soak our aching muscles from the hours and hours of hard labor we would be doing.  Which was exactly what we started doing - hard labor, not soaking, at least not yet.
So fast forward several days through lots of yanking, pulling, swinging, chopping, and lots of nasty, sticky burrs.....

to this...

And when I say several days, I mean several weeks.  We had several trees, including the giant evergreen removed and the biggest change was the wood fence my husband and his friend built.  All for this adorable little guy - 

Blogging world meet Hudson.  Hudson meet the blogging world.

Remember when I mentioned that my husband grew up with four dogs in the house at one time?  Well soon after we brought Hudson home we decided to bring her home - 

This is little Lola and yes, she is a showgirl.

And they love each other.

And their backyard.

Thanks Dad!

Oh and now for that hot tub soak.  Well, it broke.  But that will be another story for another time.

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