December 21, 2013

NEW ADDITIONS to my Etsy shop!

It is kind of strange timing but I've added a whole new and different section to my Etsy shop.


I am starting small with just a few to see how it goes but I have many, many prints and party printables in the line-up just waiting to be added.

So head over to Sweet Pea Knits (and prints) to check them out.


Ashley.Renee.Redelman said...

Love these Jess!

Ellen Fondell said...

Cute!! Have you ever made a hat that had ear flaps and string that tied under the chin? I've been wanting to make something like that for Everly.

Jessica said...

Ellen, I always make ear flap hats. They are my favorite on cute little baby heads. I didn't create my own pattern but I use a great one from Susan Anderson's book, Itty-Bitty Hats. It is super easy. I'd send you a copy of it but I don't have access to one. I'm sure you could find a similar pattern online. Good luck! (

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