December 8, 2013

DIY: Photo Blocks for Baby

Ella loves looking at pictures of herself and her family; she also loves playing with blocks.  
So I decided to combine the two and make photo blocks of her with all her family members.  Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles even her pup Lola and her house.  It was so easy.

I bought several wood blocks from the craft store - Hobby Lobby to be specific.  Each block is 2" x 2".  Then I cropped and printed my photos in 2" squares.  FYI - I like to print on basic printer paper.  I personally don't like the thickness of photo paper and never feel that it adheres as well to the block.  For these four blocks I needed 24 photos but I recommend making more than four blocks - they are so fun.  Cut each photo out a little smaller than 2" and decoupage them onto the blocks using Mod Podge glue.  It takes several coats to get a smooth surface and you have to work in stages since you are covering the whole block but these took me less than an hour to complete and Ella was playing with them that same day.

There are so many fun things you can put on each block.
- typical alphabet
- words/names
- landscapes and familiar places around town
- animals
- Holiday themed blocks (Christmas, V-day, Easter)
- pictures of your child depicting different feelings (happy, sad, surprised…etc.)

I am sure you all have so many other ideas too.  And since we are so close to Christmas you could also turn a few of these into ornaments by attaching string.  

Hope this gave you a little inspiration!  Happy crafting!

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