May 11, 2012

Instagram week 4

My life is starting to seem a little boring and a little baby-centric.  But I'm okay with that.  Summer hopefully will up the excitement.

Tonight was exciting though - we now know what Baby K is!!
  We are keeping it a secret a little longer until we can have a gender reveal party for our families (which is tomorrow) and share the news with colleagues and then with all of you.

So this past week I have been busy crafting and baking for the gender reveal.  My sister helped me bake up some blue and pink stuffed cupcakes and cut out some lips and mustaches for our party.

In between we found some time to enjoy the gorgeous weather!  Oh my goodness it has been so lovely here.  I already have a sunburn.

Oh don't forget to vote for the sex of Baby K.  There haven't been many comments at all and it makes me sad. 

Hope you all had a lovely week as well!

1 comment:

Lily Bean said...

im playing catch up on my blogs and if you have posted the gender already i have not seen... i vote boy because the wives tale about tummy shape

what kind of doggie is that?

i bet your gender reveal party was super fun!!

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