May 14, 2012

Baby K: gender reveal and a party

This was a very big weekend for us.  We finally found out the sex of Baby K and then on Saturday we shared the big news with our families at a small gender reveal party.

Friday afternoon was my 20 week ultrasound and I had big plans for mine and Bran's gender reveal.

My sister came over and helped me make blue and pink stuffed cupcakes.

We then took 2 of each and put them in ice cream containers.  I put a small G or B on the bottom of the corresponding container.

And then I grabbed a small envelope and card for the ultrasound tech to write the sex of the baby on.  Just in case for some reason the cupcakes got mixed up or the nurse gave us the wrong ones.  Plus it is going to be perfect for Baby K's baby book or scrapbook.

So off we went with our cupcakes to the doctor's office.

The ultrasound went really well besides having won largest(fullest) bladder of the day and learning that we have a hyperactive, stubborn baby that doesn't like getting it's picture taken.  But the baby is healthy and growing and everything looks great so a good pic will just have to come after he/she is in our arms.  Plus all that moving really allowed the ultrasound tech to get a good glimpse of the goods which besides a healthy report is what we were wanting.

On our way out we asked one of the nurses to open our envelope and give us the right cupcakes so we could go to a local park for a quiet, special gender reveal.

And we got the shock of our lives................

Which we had to keep a secret until Saturday when we could surprise our families.  
We wanted a really simple, intimate "party" with just our families - especially since we were also celebrating Mother's Day (Grandmother's Day).  It was the perfect family get together.

I kept everything simple: the decorations, the food (pizza) and the activities.

See it was that simple.  But it was perfect.

So after we all ate and everyone got their guess in, I gathered the group on the porch for a large family photo with a twist.

I made each person grab either a mustache if they thought it was a boy or lips if they thought it was girl.  It was a fun and silly photo.  

It was a pretty close race: 6 for boy and 7 for girl.

Finally it was time for cupcakes!

I didn't get any pictures because a) they were so excited there was no time and b) I wanted to witness all the reactions without a camera in my face.  Although I did film the reactions.

Are you ready?

Here we go.....

Brandon and I are happy to announce that Baby K is........


I mentioned it earlier but Bran and I both thought that Baby K was a boy.  We were completely shocked when we bit into our cupcakes at the park and saw pink.  SHOCKED.

But we are very excited and looking forward to welcoming Baby Girl Keith into our family in September.  What a blessing she has been already as we eagerly anticipate her arrival and will continue to be in our lives.  


Jessica Johnson said...

This was a cool post! I was guessing the whole time as I was reading :). Sooooo happy you two are having a girl. You'll make the best parents ever!!

Anonymous said...

Yay;) my last minute guess was right! -Mel

Danielle Taylor said...

Congratulations Jessica!!!! Oh my goodness, sooo exciting!!! She will be beautiful, just like her mommy! :)

Danielle Taylor

Sarah said...

Very cute! Loved reading this.

Barb Johnson said...

Congrats Jess and Bran!!! Can't wait to meet her!

Morgan said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! What a cute idea for revealing the gender!! Congrats!!

A.B. said...


Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

what a cute way to find out. i love it. congratulations!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!!!

I hope you are going to share the names you are thinking of for the baby!! Seems like everything goes with Keith!!!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Hello doll! I`m watching your blog for a while! do you wanna follow each other? kisses

Lily Bean said...

awwwww how fun! so exciting! congrats

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