August 14, 2016

Unexpected House Update

Something happened last week.  Something bad.  Something I am not proud of and in fact am quite sick about because well, I may have caused it.  Ok, I DID cause it.  I flooded my house.  There I said it.  I. Flooded. My. House.

That was a lot of photos to show you a lot of damage.  Now before you judge my stupidity to harshly let me first say "pregnancy brain" is a real thing on top of "mom brain" and "vacation prep brain".  Also, in the clean up process a significant amount of black mold was discovered which contributed to the destruction.  So in some ways, maybe it was kind of okay that I flooded house?!?  Truthfully, I am done playing with the "what ifs".  It happened and now it is time to clean up and move forward.  So hopefully in the coming weeks I will have some updates with photos of what we're doing to replace or maybe even upgrade these spaces.  And someday I will share with you the rest of the house that wasn't affected, especially the new nursery that I have been working hard on.  It's my favorite and quite a transformation.

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