December 29, 2014

Christmas Cookies with a Two Year Old

-- I never posted this before Christmas but it was too adorable not to share - even late. --

This year I was so excited to make Christmas cookies with Ella.  She loved decorating (eating) the gingerbread houses and has been asking to "decorate" incessantly ever since so I had a feeling she would love the Christmas cookies.  We were supposed to make them for her Dad's work but the actual baking of the cookies took WAY longer than I thought with a two year old and we didn't get a chance to decorate them in time - sorry work people!

We spent a lot of time rolling out and cutting our cookies.  I quickly learned that it was best to give Ella some of her own dough to roll out and cut/play with.

A rare moment where she was too distracted to pull out her pony tail.  She looks so cute and grown up.  Then I came back into the room from putting our first batch in the oven and found this....

Hot mess Ella smearing buttery dough into her hair.  It was all downhill from here.

So I rushed to finish cutting out and baking the cookies before things got any worse and we gave up for awhile.  Once things calmed down (4 days later) we invited my mom and sister to help us decorate - at their house.


It started out okay.  And then she learned this.

Which turned into this.

And culminated in this.

Oh yes, smearing icing on her lips, kissing the sprinkles and then eating it all.
Only Ella.

Somehow we managed to walk away with a few decorated cookies.  Can you tell which ones were mine and Ella's and which ones were my mom's and sister's?

(Sorry about all the phone pics - forgot to bring my camera to my parent's house.)

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